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More about keeping warm for less

by Dean Robertson

Winter can be a time when energy bills are high. Heating a home is a big consumer of gas and electricity and can result in big energy bills. The more we consume, the more we pay and the bigger our impact on the environment. So here are some tips for keeping warm this winter for less.

You have heard it all before: close off unneeded rooms; only warm rooms you spend time in; make sure doors and windows are well sealed; insulate where you can (ceiling and floors); and rug up before your turn the heat up to t-shirt warm. Avoid the use of clothes dryers and use a clothes horse instead in a room you are occupying.

Gas is the cheapest heating option and worth the investment. If you do not have the luxury of choice and have to choose an electric heater, choose one with a thermostat and one suitable for the size of your room. Reverse-cycle units are the best choice. While anything with a fan that is on all the time will be the most energy hungry, if you have a column heater with a fan, use to quickly warm a room and then turn the fan off to reduce energy use.

In the bedroom, a mattress topper or good woollen underlay can add warmth and comfort. A good old fashioned hot water bottle is a healthier and cheaper option than an electric blanket. If you must have an electric blanket, only use to heat the bed then turn off at the wall to avoid electricity leakage.

To further reduce your bills remember to switch any appliance you are not using off at the wall. Some things we often overlook are the drinks fridge chugging away in the garage, your air-conditioner and microwave (the clock requires more power than actual use).

Use these tips to use energy wisely and you can stay warm, save money, save energy and reduce your impact on the environment.

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Sustainability Tips
  In the Home consider low water use plants for the garden.

At work open window shades for light rather than running electric globes all day.

When driving don't drive. Consider walking or riding to the shops or work.
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