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Upcoming Sustainability Events

The following events will be suitable for those interested in sustainability and environmental projects in the Wimmera Mallee region. This page will be updated weekly. Please email the details for other events to WMSA wmsa@netspace.net.au.

2012 Central Highlands Bioenergy Expo
Friday 5 October 2012, University of Ballarat, Primary Industries Training Centre, Cnr of Gillies and Gregory Streets Ballarat
The Central Highlands Agribusiness Forum has released the flyer and program for the Bioenergy Expo.

University of Ballarat, Horsham Campus, Seminar Series
Tuesday 16th October 2012, UB Auditorium, Baillie Street, Horsham
The speakers are:
Dr Jonathan Wearne, Director of the Collaborative Research Network
Dr Keely Mills Postdoctoral Fellow for the Collaborative Research Network. Dr Mills works on understanding changes in climate (specifically rainfall) and the environment over the past 10,000 years (a geological time period known as the Holocene) and, more recently, the impacts of European settlement on Australian wetlands and rivers.
RSVP to Dr Michelle Graymore, m.graymore@ballarat.edu.au or download the flyer.

Sustainability Tips
  In the Home seal draughty doors and windows to reudce heating and cooling costs.

At work dress for the conditions and don't overuse heaters or coolers.

When driving slow down and save fuel and money.
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