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Keeping it simple ...
  Have your say about sustainability.
All about WMSA.
The cost of convenience.
More about keepiong warm for less.
How much are you paying? - Your energy bills.
Keeping your house warm for less.
Getting the most from your wood heater.
Eating well on a budget.
Keeping cool without air conditioning.

Contact the Wimmera Mallee Sustainability Alliance
The current contact for Wimmera Mallee Sustainability Alliance is Gil Hopkins. Contact Details:
Mail: 267 Pohlners Road, Laharum, Victoria, 3401
Email: wmsa@wmsa.org.au
Web: www.wmsa.org.au
Facebook: WMSA on Facebook

Contact Wimmera Mallee Sustainability Alliance Members
The Wimmera Mallee Sustainability Alliance has members across the Wimmera and Southern Mallee region. Please use the links below to reach each member's web page.

Local Government Members
Ararat Rural City Council
Buloke Shire Council
Hindmarsh Shire Council
Horsham Rural City
Northern Grampians Shire Council
West Wimmera Shire Council
Yarriambiack Shire Council

Regional Members
Desert Fringe Regional Waste Management Group
Grampians Regional Waste Management Group
Longerenong College
Wimmera CMA
Wimmera Development Association
University of Ballarat

Sustainability Tips
  In the Home consider low water use plants for the garden.

At work open window shades for light rather than running electric globes all day.

When driving don't drive. Consider walking or riding to the shops or work.
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